Student Resources

These resources are my product and service recommendations for my students. It is by no means a complete list and I will add to it as I come across new things.

Disclaimer: some of these links are affiliate links. I only recommend products I believe in.

Instrument Rental/Repair

M&R Weisshaar and Son Violin Shop
1763 Orange Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 287-5715

Accessories has a good selection of accessories. They carry my favorite rosin, Liebenzeller Gold IV. has a wide selection accessories and the best selection and prices for strings. I recommend Larsen strings in Forte gauge for A, D, G, and C strings. Another setup would Larsen Forte for A, D and G, and then Thomastik Spirocore tungsten C string.

Locally, Weishaar Violin Shop has competitively priced strings.

Sheet Music and Books

Sheet music can be purchased at:

Searching for sheet music that is the right edition from the right publisher can be time consuming.

Below you can find the etudes and pieces that I recommend.

Recommended Etudes and Pieces